KIT Career Fair

FAQ for Job-Seekers

The KIT Career Fair is a large company contact fair at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, organized by KIT-Career-Service. Students and alumni have the opportunity to get in touch with about 250 regional, national, and international companies of many industries.

Get to know your potential employers and inform yourself about different job profiles, open positions, advertised internships, and company-specific requirements.


The fair takes place every year in mid-May on three days from 9:30 to 16:00.


The KIT Career Fair takes place in the middle of the KIT campus, on the forum in front of the Audimax. The fairs stands and short presentations of the exhibitors are located there in the Fair tent. The short interviews, expert lectures, and application photo shootings will take place in the foyer of the Audimax or in the seminar room in the Audimax.


No, admission is free for all visitors.


No registration is required to visit the fair. The short presentations, specialist lectures and the application check in the exhibition tent can also be visited without prior registration. Registration for the application photo shootings is possible via the events calendar of the KIT-Career-Service three weeks before the fair. For the short interviews, an application with curriculum vitae is required in advance - it will be activated online from the beginning of February to mid-April.


The fair is organized by KIT-Career-Service. The KIT-Career-Service accompanies students in all aspects of career, internship, and career entry by providing qualified assistance and a wide range of events. It sees itself as a mediator between students, graduates, and employers.


The free Career-Service-App can help you with this question: filter the exhibitors according to your field of expertise, the industries you are interested in or the day of the fair and see who is represented where and when in the interactive stand plan. On the exhibitors' company profiles you will find further information and links to current job offers. Information on the fair programme and the detailed list of exhibitors is of course also available in the printed fair brochure and online.


The fair booklet will be distributed on campus from the beginning of the summer semester and will be available for take-away at the fair. It is also available online for download. In addition to information on the fair programme and the detailed list of exhibitors, many exhibitors are represented with job offers in which they draw attention to entry opportunities and contacts.


Yes, the KIT Career Fair is not only a fair for graduates but also a contact fair where the dialogue between students and company representatives is in the foreground. The companies do not only inform about entry and career opportunities but also about internships, student jobs, and theses.


Yes, the fair is also aimed at students from other universities.


Yes, at the "JobWalls" in the exhibition tent you will find current offers from exhibitors for internships, theses, promotion or direct entry. Further offers can be found in the free  Career-Service-App, on the company profiles, and in the JobPortal of the KIT Career Service.


During the short interviews you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to a company in a 15-minute interview. For the short interviews you need to register in advance. On the basis of your anonymous CV, the participating companies will select you and invite you to a meeting directly at the fair.


In addition to the short interviews, there are daily short presentations by the exhibitors in the exhibition tent and four specialist lectures per day on special fields, new technologies or career opportunities of individual companies. The lectures will take place in the foyer of the Audimax. In addition, the KIT-Career-Service and other partners such as the Agentur für Arbeit offer application checks and consulting services. Just come by the KIT-Career-Service booth without prior registration and bring your documents and, for example, an interesting job offer with you. You can make an appointment at the KIT-Career-Service's application photo shootings for the right application picture.


In the phase preceding the KIT Career Fair, many questions arise. That is why we offer you a varied program with practical tips and suggestions in the fair warm-up to prepare for the fair. Your questions will be answered individually in workshops. Of course, you should check your documents you bring to the fair, such as your curriculum vitae, for completeness beforehand. It is also helpful to find out in advance about companies that interest you.


In order to introduce yourself briefly and to express a fundamental interest in companies, a short application consisting of a cover letter and CV is sufficient. Important questions about the required documents will also be answered during the warm-up before the fair.


Come as you are! At the KIT Career Fair there is no obligation to wear a suit, but a well-groomed appearance is of course important - because a successful fair appearance also includes a good first impression. Of course, the choice of clothes also depends on the company you want to contact.


The companies are looking for interested and committed junior staff. Therefore, please inform yourself in advance about the companies you want to address at the KIT Career Fair - for example, about the company profiles in the Career-Service-App. This will make it easier for you to have interesting conversations and to leave a good impression.


Most companies appreciate it when applicants* come to the stands with specific questions. You should have an idea of what you want to do in the future and what your personal, professional and technical qualifications are.
Do not wait to be approached, but approach the exhibitors actively. The company representatives are familiar with the fair situation and will make it easy for you to start a conversation. Show that you have already dealt with the company, the business areas and possibly also with the entry possibilities. Make it clear why you are interested in the company and briefly say something about the most important points of your training.
If you are still in the orientation phase, feel free to mention this. Your interview partners will then be able to adjust to you better. Appear authentic and show that you realistically assess your qualifications and skills.


If you are interested in a longer conversation, it is useful to introduce yourself briefly in person. Say your name, your studies and describe your professional interests. Then you can ask one of your prepared questions and steer the conversation in the desired direction. Try to mention your qualifications and competences in the interview at the appropriate place.

If the interview goes well, you can offer your application documents to the company representatives and have them give you their business card.


After the discussions and impressions at the KIT Career Fair, you should ask yourself which company suits you best. Did the appearance of the company appeal to you? Was the interpersonal atmosphere right? Does the company meet the requirements important to you?
Use the time after the fair to apply to the companies that have proven to be interesting and suitable for you. A visit to the fair is a good way to find out how you became aware of the company and why you are applying to this company in particular. Make use of the contacts you have made during your application.