KIT Career Fair

Effective communication in virtual space

The camera sees everything - actively design the presentation plate
Präsentation vor Menschengruppe

Acting presently and confidently in front of the webcam - whether during an online job interview, the virtual KIT Career Fair or virtual meetings - it is not only important to be able to direct your gaze and use your voice naturally, but also to make you feel comfortable. Camera presence can be learned and this online workshop supports you in mastering your appearance in virtual space.

Main topics:

  • Clarity of basic communication in the digital space
  • Body language and attitude in front of the camera
  • Virtual presence
  • Elevator Pitch - the first impression
  • Breath - body - voice training
  • Effectiveness - camera presence
  • Dealing with stage fright, blackout and fear of speaking

The event will be held as an online appointment.

Online appointment (two days) on: 27.04.2021 and 28.04.2021, each time from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Registration: Via the events calendar of the KIT Career Service