FAQ for Job-Seekers

The KIT Career Fair is the company contact fair that KIT organises for its students, doctoral candidates and alumni. The fair, which takes place once a year, is organised by the Career Service & Alumni department. The KIT Career Service offers an extensive programme of advice, workshops and seminars before and during the fair. Throughout the year, the KIT Career Service is also the first point of contact for students, doctoral candidates and alumni of KIT with questions about applications and career entry.

The KIT Career Fair traditionally takes place in May. The next fair will be held as an online event on May 4th and 5th, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


The KIT Career Fair is a major project with a lot of lead time - from the conception of the offer to the acquisition of the exhibitors to the implementation on site, a good year always goes by. That is why we have to decide at an early stage what the upcoming trade fair should look like. The development of the corona pandemic, which is difficult to estimate, and the positive experience with the first virtual KIT Career Fair@home 2020 have encouraged us to offer a purely virtual event for 2021 as well. This gives everyone involved and interested parties planning security at an early stage and enables us to improve the format further.


Yes, in order to take part in the virtual trade fair, you need to register here once - in advance or on the days of the trade fair itself. You can then log in at any time with your KIT e-mail address and your self-selected password and up to four weeks later view the stored content on the platform during the event.


The KIT Career Fair is aimed at students, doctoral candidates and alumni of KIT who want to find out more about internships, student trainee jobs and direct entry. A KIT e-mail address (e.g. abbreviation@student.kit.edu) is therefore required for registration and participation in the virtual KIT Career Fair.

Have you just graduated from KIT and no longer have a student email address? Become part of our alumni network and benefit twice: In addition to a personal forwarding e-mail address (name@alumni.kit.edu), with which you can also register for the trade fair, you will receive many interesting ones via the newsletter Information on events and contacts especially for former KIT students.


Registration has been activated on this website since April 6th.


All you need is an end device (for full functionality preferably a laptop or PC) with audio / video function and a stable internet connection. A headset with a microphone is also recommended to minimize noise during video calls. Ideally, log in using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser so that you can use all functions.


No, that's not necessary. The virtual KIT Career Fair is set up on the web-based ubivent platform of the provider meetyoo. All functions such as video call, live stream in the auditoriums and chat windows are integrated on the platform; no other apps such as Zoom, MS Teams etc. are used.


The processing of the participant data is carried out according to GDPR standards. You will find detailed information on data protection in the data protection declaration on the registration page.


Both days of the fair offer a large number of exhibiting companies from a wide variety of industries. We deliberately did not design the days as theme days for individual disciplines. This gives you more opportunities to find a time slot for your participation or to log in several times during the current semester and lectures. Filter the exhibitors in advance using the advanced search in the Career Service Portal by industry, subject areas or company divisions, and put together your individual trade fair visit.


In the Career Service Portal we provide you with the most important information at a glance. Simply log in with your KIT account and off you go: Click through the exhibitor directory and filter, for example, by day of the fair, industry, subject areas and company area. Read the short profiles of the participating companies and find out more about specialist lectures and short presentations in the online auditoriums. In addition to the trade fair information, the Career Service Portal also offers you the option of creating your own application profile, looking for suitable positions in advance in the job exchange, and much more.

The website of the KIT Career Fair also offers a quick overview of the trade fair program and exhibitors.


Visit the warm-up workshops of the KIT Career Service! The topics are completely tailored to the virtual KIT Career Fair: What distinguishes the online fair visit from the face-to-face fair? How do I communicate effectively in virtual space? What do I have to consider when preparing my documents? Clarify these and other questions and let our experienced team advise you extensively. To register for the free workshops, go to the events calendar of the KIT Career Service.

Our video “How to KIT Career Fair” also gives a brief overview of how the virtual fair is structured.


Questions during the fair

First of all, make it clear to yourself: All exhibitors will be there on both days of the fair to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you! Start by, for example, writing a more general question about the company in the "Booth Chat" and having the stand staff contact you. Or you can approach individual stand supervisors directly by clicking on the respective avatar. It is up to you whether you contact us via a written chat or a video call.

Ideal topics for getting started are questions about specific job offers that you have discovered on the job wall at the virtual exhibition stand or in the job market. If you have already heard a specialist lecture or a short presentation of the company, use questions about this for the first contact. Do you need further tips for starting a conversation? The KIT Career Service team will be happy to help you at the “KIT Career Service: Advice and Information” stand.


When clicking on a virtual booth, every participant will be shown directly in a public “booth chat”. In this way, the company representatives - analogous to the presence fair on campus - can approach visitors themselves and introduce themselves and their company. In the “Booth Chat” you also have the opportunity to ask general questions about the company. You can exit the “Booth Chat” at any time by closing it. If you have already been contacted, make a good impression by responding briefly to the message - a "I would like to take a look around the stand first and will contact you later" is also perfectly okay.


First of all, check your browser: video calls only work if you are logged in via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In addition, this function is unfortunately not available with a smartphone or tablet; you need a laptop or PC. If you have all the requirements, ask your counterpart to check them as well. You can also receive technical support by email at support∂ubivent.com.


In the “Information & Auditoriums” foyer, on the right in the lounge area, there is a public chat for all visitors and exhibitors. Here you can write something about yourself and your job application. Or you can leave this information in the “booth chat” of the companies that are of particular interest to you. You will receive additional attention with an application profile in the Career Service Portal - you can also be found here by trade fair companies.


Every company has a virtual job wall at the exhibition stand, where current job offers are stored. You can find more information on career entry and career paths at the trade fair stand in the media center on the left. Many companies are also represented in our job market with various job vacancies.


As soon as you have logged in, you can edit your personal profile in the navigation bar at the top right next to your e-mail address. Here you also have the opportunity to upload a résumé that you can share with interested exhibitors. You can also post a detailed application profile, to which many trade fair exhibitors have access, in the Career Service Portal.


Yes, that is possible. All specialist lectures and short presentations are still available for registered participants up to four weeks after the event. You can still access your saved chats and downloaded documents via the platform during this period. And at the stands there are e-mail forms available for contacting you if you would like to approach a company again with reference to the trade fair.