KIT Career Fair

Fit for the virtual KIT Career Fair


When you visit the virtual KIT Career Fair, the aim is to take advantage of the special opportunity to present yourself professionally in chat or video call and to score points. Those who are well prepared and have insider knowledge have a clear competitive advantage:

  • What do employers expect?
  • How do I get information in advance?
  • Which documents should I have ready?
  • How do I use the virtual environment ideally for my needs?
  • What's the best way to get into conversation with company representatives via chat?
  • What questions should I expect?
  • How do I manage to be positively remembered?

As part of the day workshop, the above questions are dealt with using practical exercises so that you can book your visit to the trade fair as a success.

Depending on the situation, the event will be held in spring 2021 as a face-to-face or online appointment.

Date: to be announced
Registration: via the events calendar of the KIT Career Service