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Menschen und Zelte auf dem KIT-Campus Süd KIT-Magali Hauser
Socialize in a relaxed atmosphere right on campus.

The KIT Career Fair brings you in contact with your future professionals - students, PhD students, alumnae, and alumni of KIT. Since 2013, the KIT company contact fair organized by Career Service & Alumni has been held once a year in May. After three virtual years, the KIT Career Fair 2023 came back to campus with a completely new, open concept - no booths, but a lot of dynamics and exchange at eye level. Find out more at the bottom of the page.

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Review KIT Career Fair 2023

On May 16 and 17, 2023, almost 190 companies had the courage to break completely new ground with us and try out a career fair format that had been changed from the ground up. Once again, thank you for taking this step with us!

The new concept with departmental pavilions, food trucks, play stations and meeting formats such as the Sofa Talks had the goal of enabling more personal contacts and meetings at eye level again after three virtual years. In doing so, we are picking up on the mood of a changing job market and deliberately taking unconventional new paths.

We are very pleased that, despite the cool weather, so many students found their way to the fairgrounds and many encounters and conversations took place. With this experience, we will now further optimize the new format. We have already initiated some points ourselves, but your feedback and that of the students will help us to further develop the KIT Career Fair in its new look.

In the future, we will again offer you a "home base" so that you can be found better by visitors. We will also simplify the matching with your sought-after study programs and implement many other ideas to offer you a successful job event at KIT.

We look forward to seeing you (again) in 2024!

Impressionen der KIT-Karrieremesse 2023